Medical Billing for Your Practice

We Do the Billing, You Do the Healing

BillingDoc Medical Billing is committed to offering healthcare professionals a cost-effective alternative to maintaining an in-house billing office by providing the same benefits and services without the overhead and time constraints associated with housing, managing payroll and personnel.

How can we help you?

Our services are à la carte. You automatically begin with the Basic Medical Billing Package starting at 2.99% of collections. Then you select the add-ons that apply to your practice. We will invoice you monthly based on the services you selected. We are here to fill the gap. Are you worried about not having a staff member to do your billing? We also offer short-term interim billing services at a weekly flat rate. 

Basic Medical Billing Package

  • Starting at 2.99%
  • Electronic and paper claim submissions
  • Claim corrections
  • Claim Resubmission
  • Payment Posting/EOB
  • Appeals
  • Monthly A/R Reports

Monthly Customized Reports

Completed monthly and customized to suit client’s specifications: giving the healthcare provider up-to-date information on all billing aspects and a blueprint of the practice’s financial transactions and accounts...creating improved practice workflow and productivity.

Maintain Credentialing Documents

We maintain all pertinent credentialing documentation e.g. DEA, CDS, Medical Licenses, Board Certificates, Malpractice Insurance Face Sheets, CME's etc.

Pre-Collection Services

We provide a pre-collection service on those accounts that are not ready for full collection. The pre-collection service offers an effective and more cost-effective way to notify customers of how serious their past due account bill is, while still providing respective leniency and professionalism.


Mailed out from our office on behalf of the practice or facility. The protocols of statements and collections are done specifically to client specifications.

Physician Credentialing Services

Under your brand name we provide your physician clients with complete credentialing services and can credential them with all the insurance carriers and networks of their choice.

Our Goals and Focus

When seeking the best medical billing service for your practice the first step is the evaluation of your specific needs. When accomplished correctly the minimal that you or your patients should be thinking about is co-pays. But if done incorrectly it can be a costly waste of time and resources for all. Our goal at BillingDoc is to collect every penny owed to our providers from sources including insurance companies and patients being paid quickly and efficiently.

What Sets Us Apart

Get faster, more accurate claims with BillingDoc medical billing service. Our goal is to provide far more than just billing. You will receive personal expert attention, and commitment to being a leading resource in your specialty by relieving you and your staff to perform meaningful activities within the practice.

Our pricing is exceptionally reasonable given the level of service and expertise that we deliver. 

A Member of American Academy of Pediatrics

dedicated to the Health of All Children

Medical Billing Certified

Trained in the constant evolving healthcare industry including the different reimbursement methodologies for correct claim submission.

Trained Professionals Using our Dependable Software

Providing individual attention and professional support for small to medium-sized, Independent Specialized Practices in the most up-to-date information relating to the health insurance industry for correct claim submission... giving confidence that everything has been done properly and without error.

HIPAA Compliance

It is vital that any medical billing service follow all HIPAA rules and guidelines as the service will be handling sensitive patient data; it must have a process in place to guarantee the safety of the information.

Services Tailored to Your Specialty

Our services are à la carte. You automatically begin with the Basic Billing Package then you select the add-on that apply to your practice. Generating reports about the way your medical practice is operating helps to see which areas of your billing process may be hindering your practice's growth and bottom-line financials. We will invoice you monthly, based on the allowed amount of all successfully adjudicated claims or monthly flat rate package.

Medical Billing Software

We can provide our billing software or work with your
in-house software.

What We Are About

Tracie Lynn, Medical Billing Operation Manager, founded BillingDoc LLC to offer the most comprehensive, accurate billing and revenue cycle.  With their professional team of certified specialists, and using their combined experience of 15 years within the medical billing field, they will provide the knowledge needed for the growth of your business.


At BillingDoc we are always interested in finding the best professionals. If you think your experience and skills will enrich BilllingDoc, send us your resume with a cover letter and salary requirements.

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